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Sofa protection film from NAIGU serves many famous brands.
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Sofa protection film is made of high-quality LDPE. It differs in size, color and type. It is consistent with industry standards.It adopts some core technologies such as advanced R&D technology. Relying on precise high quality and market competitive, its feature of strong pull is greatly acknowledged by customers. It can be used in cover large pieces of furniture.SGS/REACH Sofa protection film acquired make customers rest assured. Sofa protection film also can be customized. See more here: http://www.gdnaimei.com/sofa-protection-film

NAIGU Sofa protection film Furniture cover image1
NAIGU focuses on Furniture cover and is active in the Machinery Equipment industry. We have 10+ years of experience in producing Furniture cover.So far our company has been a popular choice in worldwide. Our offerings fall into the categories of On-time or even fast delivery time can be promised to customers. The production width, color quantity and output in Naigu are among the highest level in the market. Waterproof and dustproof package is guaranteed to make sure products in good condition..Being recognized by the world's top 500 furniture companies, Naigu enjoys high reputation. Naigu is one of the rare domestic three-layer co-extrusion film suppliers. Naigu has a fully automated PVC film production line with efficient production and monthly production of 3,000 tons.
NAIGU Sofa protection film Furniture cover image1
We keep the enterprise idea of “becomes one of most credible and strength mattress machinery and packaging companies in the industry”. https://www.gdnaimei.comWelcome people from all walks of life to consult and cooperate. https://www.gdnaimei.com

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