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Strict quality control process

The ultra-transparent PE film is coextruded from three layers. The metal and non-metal materials are tested by tensile force testing machines through some teats including pulling, pressing, tearing, bending, shearing, and three-point folding tests.

We have GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN specifications for customers to choose from. More importantly, we will strictly test its specifications according to the customer's standard quotation.


Good toughness, wear resistance and strong tension. No matter how hard you try, it won't break.



Strong sealing and adhesion

It has good welding strength, and the high welding strength of plastic film bags is also a necessary requirement for realizing reliable protection of products. If the welding strength is low, the weld will become the Achilles heel of the plastic film bag. If the weld of the plastic bag breaks, it will have no protective effect on the cargo.

The width of the sealing joint is 8mm, so the sealing performance of our film is stronger.
The water is placed in a bag with its opening sealed by our sealing machine and the water does not leak.
Our bags have strong sealing adhesion, so even if you squeeze the water bag by hand, the water does not leak.


Firm package
Usually, our bags are packed in cartons and then wrapped in the packaging film to protect them from water and dust.
If the number of products is large, we can also use wood plywood to pack our products. Therefore, it is convenient to load and unload goods.



The PE film is not affected by the temperature, so there is no distinction between films used in winter and summer.

It can be recycled, and it will not freeze in winter and will not produce oil in summer. With large thickness, it will be harder, but with small thickness, it will be softer.


Environmental protection

With imported raw materials adopted, our packaging bags are bright and transparent, environmentally friendly and odorless.

Our bags, such as compression bags, have higher quality than regular bags and it has no leakage problems and can effectively protect the mattress from stress and wear!


Uniform thickness & Smooth winding

The film error is very small and is between 0.05mm-0.1mm in line with international standards.




2.Production process

(1) PE film is a five-layer co-extrusion blown film with good barrier properties, high strength, durability, good thermal expansion, strong adhesion, good anti-fog and anti-slip performance, easy coloring, etc.

(2) The production process of PVC film is calendering. The calendered film is characterized by high strength, good transparency, large width, heat resistance and aging resistance.

3.Our company has a wide range of packaging films including the PE film, PE packaging bag, PE point breaking bag, PE printing film, PVC film, PVC printing film, etc.

(1)PE film
(2)PE packaging bags
(3)PE point break bag
(4)PE printing film
(5)PVC film
(6)PVC printing film

Limit one line


2.6 m wide & 4 colors printing

The large-format four-color printing press used by our company is worth 3 million, and its width, color, quantity and output rank first in the market.


Strong carrying capacity

1. High-quality material; smooth surface; anti-deformation performance

2. Strong impact resistance; sturdy and reliable performance


3、The package core has an outer diameter of 10 cm, an inner diameter of 8 cm, and a thickness of 1 cm. It is easy to roll it up on the machine.


Fast and on-time delivery

Usually, the delivery time is 7-15 days. Delivery time can be shortened if the customer urgently needs it. The larger the order, the faster the delivery.

We guarantee on-time delivery without delay in production.

We guarantee quality stability and durability


Shelf life for three years 

Unique production technology for ensuring a long warranty period

 Storage environment: room    temperature, protected from    light
First yearSecond yearThird yearTechnical support
Chili PE filmGood toughness, good elasticity, good     softness, shiny and transparent surface 

Good toughness, good elasticity, good softness, shiny and transparent surface, tough quality

Good toughness, good elasticity, good softness, good gloss, shiny and transparent surface, intact    condition

1. Special antioxidants and      ratios

2. Trace pigments for              preventing aging

3. High-quality PE raw            materials and additives

Others PE film in market

Good toughness, strong elasticity, good   softness, good luster and transparency

Poor toughness, poor elasticity, poor softness, yellowing, poor condition

Hardening, tearing, loss of           elasticity, yellowing, breaking



Good transparency

By comprehensively improving and controlling multiple variables, Chili increases the overall transparency of PE.

Raw material purityMolecular weightHigh-quality production aidSurface smoothness
100% New MaterialLower Molecular Weight, Better TransparencySpecial Oxidants, Opening Agents, etc. Improve TransparencySpecial Lubricants and Expensive Production Equipment Improve Surface Smoothness, Increase Transparency


After-sales commitment


Q: If there is a problem with the product, what will your company do?

A: First of all, the two parties will have a friendly communication. In order to understand the cause of the problem, we will ask you to take photos and videos for us to check. The two parties will check the detailed data such as the time of the order, how many products are defective, how many products you have used and how much is left? Or we will need you to send it back to us for inspection.


B: After the inspection, if it is our problem, we will be responsible for it and promptly deal with it. If it is a logistics problem, first of all, we will require logistics compensation, and secondly, we will change the logistics company and modify the packaging method to reduce unnecessary problems. If it is your company's problem, we will solve this problem together and guide you on how to avoid these problems in a timely manner.


Q: What is the thickness error?

The thickness of the film meets the international standard: ±0.005mm-0.01mm.



Q: What is the outer packaging?

A. The first layer is a layer of film as our outer packaging, followed by a layer of kraft paper (thicker kraft paper used) to prevent scratches or abrasion and protest against dust and water.

B. We use carton packaging. There is also a film package on the outside of the carton package that is dust and water resistant.



Q: If there is a transportation problem. What should we do?

A. Transportation issues include the following: packaging scratches, logistics leaks, etc.

B. Therefore, we will strengthen the packaging based on the original packaging. For example, the Kraft paper will be thickened and can be changed to wood packaging.


Q: How long is the delivery time? What should we do if there is a delay?

We promise that we will deliver the goods on time. If there is a delay, we will take the following measures:

A. We will communicate with our customers during the production process and deal with this issue in a timely manner. In order to notify customers in advance, the two parties will communicate well and reach an agreement to avoid delays affecting other processes.

B. In the process of communicating with the customer, if the customer urgently needs the goods, we will transport parts of the goods, and then work overtime to ship the rest as soon as possible.

C. Or we will communicate with customers about whether they can use other existing inventory materials for temporary use. If they agree, we will implement it immediately.


Accurate quantity guaranteed with our integrity principle

Honesty and reputation are our top priorities. Therefore, we adhere to the principle of openness, fairness, justice, efficiency, integrity, sincerity, win-win cooperation and common development.



The company's quality philosophy: high standards, refinement, zero defects and strict control of the entire production process, from material selection, manufacturing processes, quality inspection. Every step is strictly controlled to ensure that product quality always meets customer requirements.



The company pays close attention to production management and continuously carries out service awareness training. We adhere to the principle of people orientation and honesty.


Wide selection of products 

Furniture packaging film (bags)

It is commonly used for furniture packaging such as the packaging of mattresses, solid wood or leather furniture, home textiles, etc. Its main purpose is to prevent dust and moisture. Moreover, it plays an important role in the protection of the product;

Added value: decoration, promotion of the brand. The picture is as follows:

Mechanical film (bags)

It is used in precision machinery packaging. Its main purpose is to protect against dust and water. The picture is as follows:

Printed film (bag)

It is mainly used for mattress packaging for protecting against dust and water and improving the appearance of other products and promote the brand.

Agricultural film

It is used for crop protection, pest control, heat preservation, weeding, etc.

Chili focuses on the manufacturing of PE films including mattress packaging protective film, mattress compression vacuum bag, mattress promotional printing film.


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