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CHILI’s PVC films are known in the industry for efficient and high-performance vacuum packaging. It can be applied to surface packaging of various types of panels such as floor, ceiling and leather surface packaging.

The PVC mattress film is made of clear, soft and high-quality raw materials so that it is tear-resistant and has high transparency.

It can be used as a decorative film and adhesive film for its strong dustproof and waterproof performance. We specially design the product for outer packaging and labeling, making the product more beautiful and more eye-catching. It is very suitable for mattress packaging. 

The film can also be used to pack products such as sofas, chairs, tables with a variety of complex shapes. A large part of the film we produce is a plasticized PVC film, which is a kind of soft PVC film. It has a wide range of applications. In addition to furniture packaging such as mattresses, it is also commonly used in construction materials, packaging, medicine and other industries. The application of the building materials industry accounted for 60%, the largest proportion, followed by the packaging industry.

Due to the strong strength and favorable price of our PVC film, CHILI’s PVC films have become the most preferred packaging materials for most mattress manufacturers.

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