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professional mattress machinery factory price for plant

professional mattress machinery factory price for plant

Professional mattress machinery factory price for plant

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Place Of Production
Guangdong, China
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Company Advantages
1. The design of NAIGU mattress machinery involves several factors. These factors include part tolerances, size limitations, materials selection, mechanical analysis, function realization, etc. Three-year warranty period is available
2. It enjoys high popularity and reputation among its rival products of the same trade from home and abroad. All Naigu products have received the certification of GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM and DIN
3. The product features a rugged industrial-strength frame. It mainly adopts hot-rolled steel and wrought materials such as stainless steel materials for better resistance to impacts. Naigu PE film production machinery is of stable quality, uniform thickness and smooth rolling
4. The product is easy to maintain. It is designed with an independent unit control system which enables the functions not affecting each other. Naigu has professional printing PVC mattress packaging film and PE mattress packaging film
5. This product can work long hours. It can work all the time and will only stop working when maintenance or inspection is required. With large friction coefficient of the film surface, the slip resistance of the film is greatly improved

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foam compression machine
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Comparison foam compression after and before 

Table parameter


Size of pressure plate


Working pressure


Distance of opening gear


Number of oil cylinder


Number of air cylinder


Power of oil pressure


Heating power


Pumping power


Distance of heating work


Outside dimension


Net weight


product details
  • (1)    The machine have the floating table(to prevent the phenomenon of sponge tilt,dislocation),has the automatic entry and exit function.(So there will be less dislocation when multiple sponges are compressed).

  • (2)    It has pneumatic lifting function,and it is agile and stable,It is widely applied to compress and pack all kinds of sponge materials,and the machine maximum travel high is :1.2m

  • (3)    Seal beautiful and neatly,after the packaging isn't easy to leak,It has a uniform sealing pressure, stability

  • (4)    The machine also has automatic vacuum pumping,automatic sealing function,the pressure plate frame is strong,the staff can also carry the sponge walking on it .

- PE protective film, the full name of Polyethylene, is the simplest polymer organic compound, the most widely used polymer material in the world. -


(1) What’s the material of the plate ?

❂  The upper plate is iron , the lower plate is one layer of wood and one layer of iron

(2) What’s your Service after sale?

❂  Warranty is one year. Any problem you can contact our hotline. During this year, we can deal with it by phone for small question, and as for bigger one,we can arrange a engineer for you. But the charge of plane, eating and hotel will be paid by yourself. And, when it’s after one year, there is a charge of 150usd extra per day for each engineer.

(3) Press the button once, the platen cannot move.

❂  Look up the power source, change the phase sequence

(4) What’s the thickness of the plate?

❂  the upper plate is 180mm, the lower plate is 300mm

(5) The viewing screen page doesn’t show the numbers.

❂  Open the electrical cabinet. There are two jacks, switch over (change the line connect the “0” and the “1”).

Application field
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Company Features
1. FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD now leads the development of mattress machinery industry.
2. Our continuous research and development work on pillow pressing machine will ensure that we maintain technological leadership in this century.
3. We connect everything – people, process, data, and things – and we use those connections to change our world for the better. We don’t just dream it, we do it every day. And we’re doing it faster than ever before, in ways no one else can. Get an offer!
NAIGU pillow pressing machine is designed and fabricated using unmatched quality raw materials and latest technology as per the international quality criterion. The product adopts the newest LiFePO4 battery technology in the production
NAIGU pillow pressing machine has been paid 100% attention from the selection of raw materials to production. The product can be applied to electric cars, powerwalls, communication base stations, etc
To manufacture NAIGU pillow pressing machine, the quality-approved raw materials is used into the production. Its installation can be instructed by drawings or videos, or done by the UFO Battery engineers
The design of NAIGU pillow pressing machine is desirable and appealing. The product can be applied to electric cars, powerwalls, communication base stations, etc
NAIGU pillow pressing machine is developed incorporating sophisticated technology and is made available to patrons at market leading prices. It is produced by fully automatic and digital cutting, coating, sizing, and other systems
The quality of this product is thoroughly inspected by the QC team. It is sold worldwide such as Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia
This product delivers optimum efficiency to the users. The product is green, low-carbon and energy-saving
The product is provided with consistent performance and durability. The product is green, low-carbon and energy-saving
The quality testing unit is built under strict quality control parameters. The product has a good feature of non-memory effect, ensuring a quick charge
Our product is used and known for its reliability. It has the advantage of long service life, high energy, and high power density
FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD has highly qualified and experienced staff for foam mattress machine. The product is CE, IEC and FCC certified
FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD is pioneering new business models that fit customers’ needs better. It shows high compressive strength in the face of impact and collision
FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD's customer service always works on a professional level. It is easy to maintain and install
FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD keeps continually researching and developing better foam mattress machine with higher performance. It features a low self-discharge rate that is lower than 3% per month
Customer service in FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD grows out of the belief that 'the customer is always right. ' The product comes with overcharge, temperature, and over-current protection
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