CHILI offers a wealth of packaging products and advanced production equipment with the best quality.

Our film packaging products are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. The materials our films are sustainable and can be highly recycled.

We are also constantly researching packaging technology to create a superior design that enhances customer usability. Due to its strong pull, impermeability and transparency, high performance, our products are ideal for covering and packaging a wide range of products. It uses moisture-proof, dust-proof, odorless food-grade materials and can effectively prevent chemical, dust and water damage to the packaged products. Our products, with their good packaging properties, can help a variety of products retain their original characteristics.

In terms of raw materials, we use imported raw materials for the production of packaging products. We collect samples from raw material manufacturers around the world and conduct rigorous testing in every aspect to ensure that there is no problem with every purchase of raw materials. All the films that we have are made of raw materials with the highest quality.

All of our finished films are produced by our own precision blown film machines. As a result, our packaging products are well received by our customers for their optimum performance.

CHILI’s machines can be used with other production lines for fully automated operation. The machine is easy and convenient to operate. It is the best choice for mattress factories that want to achieve production automation and save manpower. We are a professional manufacturer of mattress compression, packaging and rolling machines and our machines have been exported to countries all over the world. Also, the machine can be used for mattresses of various sizes, materials and thickness.

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