CHILI offers 2 kinds of printed films including PE printed film and PVC printed film. We print the printed film on the basis of a transparent film, and it is produced by our advanced production equipment so that it is super soft and clear in quality and the good final result of it can be guaranteed to the utmost extent.

The pattern of the film can be customized for the customer. If customers don't have their own style, they can also provide us with their ideas and we will help them design patterns. There are many options for the color of the logo, and we can provide up to four colors. Our film printing technology makes printed graphics more colorful and our films up to two meters wide. This size is superior to most printed films on the market. We strive to provide the highest quality films to all of our customers.

Our expertise and strong film manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer customizable printed films packaging solutions for all applications, including all FMCG categories.

The printed film we produce has better tensile strength and opening properties than other films. The glossy surface, transparency and heat-sealing properties make it stand out in the fierce market competition to produce better results.

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