CHILI offers the following polythene film size for customers: 2*2meter/2*3meter/3*5meter/4*6meter  and the thickness: 20micon-200micon.

Normally, the furniture is very susceptible to dust when we decorate furniture. Our dust-proof film performs well at this time to protect our furniture. At present, there are few large-sized films on the market. If we buy small-size films, they can't effectively protect our furniture from dust and are a total waste of money. Moreover, large-size films require high film production mechanical requirements that many manufacturers cannot meet, and the films that they manufacture are difficult to reach a length of 5 meters.

However, the film production equipment imported by our company can achieve this size requirement and is praised for the high technology. In addition to our film’s large size, it is thin enough to facilitate transportation.

Large items placed outdoors (larger machine tools, strollers, etc.) can be covered with the film to effectively prevent dust and rain. It is also widely used to cover furniture, household appliances or the floor to prevent dust and paint and to save the trouble of cleaning after the decoration, making the life of the customer easier and more convenient.

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