The plastic bag roll manufactured by CHILI is typically used in automated assembly lines or supermarkets. It can be easily pulled off with a loose connection between the bags, which can help the staff working in an automated assembly line to increase work efficiency.

Our bag width is 2.5 meters, which is what most manufacturers can't do. Our production team has been engaged in the production and development of the bag for many years and has always strictly paid high attention to its quality control to avoid any poor quality issues so that it is flawless and durable in use. At the same time, we introduced the latest bagging machine to ensure the quality of the whole roll.

In addition, our bags perform well in preventing accidental damage during shipment of packaged items. It can also be made larger in size for packaging large items such as furniture. Often, packaging furniture with a film can be very time-consuming and strenuous. But only one bag of us is required to perfectly pack the big mattress or sofa. and then the opening will be sealed with a tape. The packaging process will become simple and convenient with our bag.

Our bag can also be made into the shape of an organ bag with the advantage that they have more space for packaging. Therefore, CHILI’s bag is widely acclaimed in the packaging industry.

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