The shrink film provided by CHILI is known for its good shrinkage. It has high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and flexibility, strong impact resistance and tear resistance and certain shrinkage stress. It is mainly used for sale packaging and transportation packaging of various products to fix, cover or protect the product.

Our PE shrink film thickness is 0.02~0.30mm and PE shrink film width is 50~1700mm ideal for a superb packaging experience. Shrink packaging not only has a beautiful appearance but also has moisture proof, dustproof, anti-loose function. The film can not only meet the standard anti-counterfeiting requirements but also the anti-touch requirements.

The transparency of the film can increase the attractiveness of the product, and can also be used to replace various types of cartons, saving packaging costs.

PE shrink film manufactured by CHILI is widely used in the overall collection and packaging of wine, canned food, mineral water, various beverages, fabrics and other products.

The film can also be applied in the packaging of food, consumer goods, cultural and sports goods, craft gifts, printed matter, metal plastic products, electronic appliances and so on. CHILI also can produce the high-performance film based on the design and specifications provided by our customers.

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