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pe plastic film

pe plastic film

Pe plastic film

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Automatic mattress compressed roll folded machine
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Final mattress rolling packing

The mattress wrapping machine is included automatic bag compression, automatic  conveying, folding, packing four functions, which is bore no restrictions. This machine can adjust the height of the rolling apartment according to a variety of mattresses which can solving the problem with fixed diameter. The advantage of it is more outstanding than similar equipment. The production efficiency is high: It just need 1 min to package a mattress. The trainning time is short and the operation is sample. The packaged mattress or foam  are beautiful and generous, which saves labor costs, storage space and trnasportation cost for the manufacturers

product details

(1)    The mattress compress packaging machine is a set of automatic bag compression, automatic conveying, folding, packaging four in one function of the production equipment, volume without restriction, according to the various mattress height adjustment of the most suitable corresponding caliber, to solve the trouble of fixed diameter; compared with the same equipment, its advantages are more special. The production efficiency is high, each mattress 40seconds or so; the training cycle is short, the operation is simple, and the product after the packing is beautiful and generous, save the labor cost, storage space, transportation cost for the manufacturer.

(2)    Applicable packing type of mattress: Pocket spring mattress, Spring mattress, Sponge mattress,Latex mattress,Memory foam mattress,Sponge,Divans,Beds,toppers etc.

(3)    Auto Mattress Compressing Machine, which automatically induct the mattress feeding and then auto compress to weld the four-side of the mattress, instead of the traditional manual bagging to improve efficiency and save labor cost.  (Full automatic machine self adjusting system accepts mixed product length,width and thickness in any sequence.)

(4)    Turning table, which can transport the mattress in two different direction.

(5)    Auto Mattress Roll Packing Machine (The number of the film's layer and the times of welding are set by computer to ensure firmer).

(6)    Safe operation: CE compliant to latest norms The machine can work together with other production line to make total auto operation. It is the best choice for the mattress factory who wants to achieve the production automation and save the manpower. Mattress folding machine is also optional.


(1) How about the machine efficiency?

❂ 1min/pcs

(2)All material mattress can be rolling ?

❂  Mainly for foam and latex mattress rolling packing,spring mattress need to compress first,then can rolling.

(3) How long the mattress can stock after rolling packing?

❂  About Half a year. As long as the outer packaging film is not damaged, the mattress can be stored for a long time after rolling packing.

(4) How about the machine warranty ?

❂  Warranty is one year,But if you have any problems with the machine just feel free to contact us, We have a professional after-sales team to serve you

(5) How about the machine install and worker operation ?

❂  This machine is very easy for install and operation. We are just doing a simple dis-assembly when loading , our manual have detailed installation and operation instructions.

Application fiel

pe plastic film-3

pe plastic film makes pe plastic film very competitive in the market. The product is easy to install and joints perfectly
NAIGU pe plastic film excels others in its innovative and useful design. The product has passed the MSDS test, which proves that it contains no harmful chemicals and will not harm human health
The design of pe plastic film is something nice to have. It helps people save water cost and water resources
The colors of pe plastic film is highly pure. It withstands high volumes of walking or trampling on it
Exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetic and elegant design style is a promise and commitment from NAIGU. This product has excellent weather adaptability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
This product would be one of the largest visual elements in a bedroom. Fortunately, it is readily available in a variety of colors and patterns to match any bedroom. Without the need for mowing, fertilizing, and trimming, this product makes the maintenance cost much lower than the real grass
The product runs stably during operation. It has the desired dynamic balance no matter in the movement of spinning or lifting up. The foam pads underneath the product provide the cushion if people fall over or slip off
This is an extremely soft bedding, which has a gentle touch for the skin,and is washed and dry well and very comfortable. This product has excellent weather adaptability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
The product is durable and since it is tightly woven, it is not prone to be scratched by sharp nails. It withstands high volumes of walking or trampling on it
This product is hypoallergenic. In the production process, any allergens caused by crude material ingredients, dyestuff or chemical additives are removed. This product has excellent weather adaptability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
People who bought this product found that it almost produces no light pollution, doing no harm to people's health. This product is certified under SGS and CE
The product is not only good for people's health but also it's good for appliances. People using the softened water offered by the product to clean the appliances can extend their service life. The product has good resilience, which makes it bounce back and remain upright quickly
Precision is of supreme importance in the machining and fabrication of this product. So people can set assured this product is able to meet the rigorous accuracy requirements. The product has good resilience, which makes it bounce back and remain upright quickly
People are happy that this product helps them get rid of smelly feet because no proliferation of bacteria and fungi and the bad odor produced. It doesn't have problems like lawn diseases, weed, and pests as the real grass does
The product is considered that it is very durable and flexible enough to be used over and over again. Without the need for any harmful pesticides, the product will not produce ground pollution or water source pollution
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