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Naigu Plastic never forget the original intention in 2019


This year is the 10th year of the establishment of Naigu Plastic Machinery, and also the first 10 years of chi li. Let's think back to the changes that we have made along the way.

This is the entrance of the company where we just recorded the initial growth of the company. At that time, we were still chili industrial company, but in 2017, it was renamed as: foshan chili technology co., LTD. A qualitative change, operating products from semi-automatic mattress compression coil machine, and then to automatic, and then to fully automatic ng-22r automatic rolling folding machine, film products from the capacity of 1000 tons to the current 2200 tons.

We have been awarded separately between 2016 and 2017:

1. In 2016-2017, won the title of guangdong province enterprise with heavy credit contract 

2. All machines with occluded resistance are CE certified 

3. Won the high-tech product certification of guangdong province


4Plant area from 28000 to the current 38,000 square meters.

Whether it is the upgrading of business products, the improvement of production capacity, the certificate or the expansion of plant, all record the growth trajectory of chi li technology. Without the direction of the company's top leadership and struggle in the front line of colleagues, as well as support us, grow together with suppliers and partners. 

Let's take a look back at the year 2019.

Early in the morning of 19th, we are ready to welcome all the distinguished guests to attend our annualmeeting.

Give our salute to the first guest of honor.

The distinguished guests trickled in.

The venue We will start our annual meeting at 3:00 PM ontime.

After listening to general Yang's speech, we seem to usher in a new round of the sun in the New Year, from the flame that gushed out, we see a brighter future, more bright hope, we will as always firm faith, strut, toward the brilliant chapter of infinite possibility. 

We take the dream, with the blessing, the long buried expectations, into the joy of meeting today!

First up, our first show: the opening dance.

Three beauties from the finance department and six handsome men from the logistics department performed "that-girl" together, so that all the colleagues and guests could feast their eyes on it. 

Next, the old employee award

In Naigu, there are so a part of colleagues, with the company through the hard years, but also with the company to enjoy fruitful results. This part is our old backbone colleagues. Thanks to their dedication of 10 years of youth, chili technology for today's achievements. They are witnesses to the growth of chi li technology. We, Mr. Yang, personally present the bonus and prizes to the old employees, which also inspires us. We are worthy of learning and paying tribute. 

The third program: mechanical part sketch

Machinery department colleagues to perform the sketch, or quite interesting. The image of the performer on the left is particularly prominent and becomes the focus of the audience. The jokes during the performance made the audience burst out laughing. 

Next up: the best employee award

In an enterprise, the title of the best employee belongs to one or more abilities far beyond others, or technical ability, or quality control, or conscientious. They are the brightest stars in the enterprise. 

Next up: best new artist

Only when a company is injected with countless fresh blood can it keep vigorous development. Be just like a small tree, need absorbs nutrition ability to have the beautiful scenery that climbs continuously! 

The third program: internal trade department dance

The party's biggest hit, no one. One word is summed up: the man SAO rises, what thing does not have a woman really. 

Next is to award: excellent team leader award

As the backbone of the company, each of our team leaders has made great contributions to the company. Among them, there are two team leaders, who perform particularly well with their professional knowledge and responsible attitude. 

The fourth program: foreign trade department dance

Next up: the award for outstanding management

In our company, in addition to general manager Yang, general manager liu, there are a group of brave and good at fighting the company's top management, they work together, have the courage to take on, pioneering progress, high-spirited. Among them, there is a senior executive of our company. She irrigated our way forward with her patience, carefulness, confidence and love, making us go more smoothly. She is huo xiaoying, the director of our financial department. 

Fifth program: production crosstalk and song "victory hands creation"

The production department colleague performance confirmed: only the industrious hands and the intelligent brain can create the happy happy. 

Next up is the award: department of excellence award

The sixth program: business department dance "see you again"

"See you again" performed by domestic and foreign trade business colleagues, the two departments practiced for more than a month, presenting the best results to everyone, I hope the audience in the New Year is beautiful, smooth. 

Here are some highlights from our raffle

Xinyun award (30 notebooks)

Fifth prize (20 sets of chopsticks)

Fourth prize (20 latex pillows)

Third prize (10 winners of midea induction cooker)

Second prize (8 top grade woolen blankets)

First prize (two watches for lovers)

Special award (one xiaomi 4K TV)

There are cash prizes

Liu's summary: no matter what the past is, but I know, we chi force, we all, the future will be more exciting yesterday.

Here is a photo of our family

This moment together, joy sharing.

Finally, on behalf of all the staff of chili, I would like to thank our friends coming from afar for adding excitement and joy to our annual meeting. Thanks to the company, to provide us with a platform for communication, enhance the sense of honor, enhance cohesion; Thank you for planning the annual meeting and selfless dedication of colleagues, it is because of you, our annual meeting was successfully held! The annual meeting is over, but it is still here. 

The following 2019 Let us not forget the original intention together, together peer!

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