CHILI specializes in the development and manufacturing of mattress packaging machinery and has accumulated years of experience in the industry. After the mattress manufacturer produces the mattress, we can perfectly package the mattress with the machine and ensure that the packaged mattress is securely sealed. The advantage of using our packaging machine for mattress packaging is that it allows its film to be as close as possible to the mattress surface to maximize the protection area and clearly show the appearance of the mattress.

The machine is easy to operate and labor-saving. It eliminates the need for manpower and can automatically pack mattresses, which can greatly reduce the cost of mattress packaging. This machine has many packaging materials available such as PE film, PVC film, PP film and vacuum bag.

The machine can be operated flexibly and the lifting distance is adjustable. This machine has various functions such as sealing and cutting of various films and is equipped with a pneumatic crushing vacuum system. It is also highly compatible and can be able to perfectly work with customers’ existing conveyor system

Nowadays, the mattress packing machine developed by CHILI has increasingly gained greater market competitiveness after entering the market.

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