The mattress compression machine is a hot product in CHILI. The mattress compression device can compress the mattress up to 1/7 of its original thickness. When the mattress is compressed with our machine, a truck that can hold only ten mattresses can now hold 70 compressed mattresses. Therefore, the machine is very helpful for the mattress manufacturer who does the mattress export business because a lot of transportation costs can be saved.

It compresses the mattress to a minimum volume, which can greatly save transportation space and improve transportation efficiency, thereby achieving the goal of reducing transportation and storage costs. The mattress can be perfectly compressed by our machine, which means that the quality of the mattress is very good so as to increase its competitiveness in the market with the help of our machine.

A conveyor belt is equipped with the machine so that the mattress is automatically transported from the entrance for convenient processing. Also, it has an automatic and vacuum heat sealing function to make sure that its sealing is neat and tidy and the sealing pressure is uniform and stable. Our machines guarantee that there will be no packaging cracking problems for the mattress.

The machine has a sturdy and compact body made of steel and thicker than other materials. CHILI ensures that the service life of the machine can reach more than several decades.

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