The CHILI mattress bag is a bag designed for mattresses, and our bags can be used on all types of mattresses. Our mattress bags have many sizes available for single mattresses, double mattresses, queen size mattresses and king size mattresses. We are also producing mattress bags of some special sizes, and we can also customize special bags for customers according to the mattresses size requirements provided by customers.

Our mattress bags can be used for regular packaging to protect the mattress from moisture, dust and damage. The bag can also be used for compressed packaging. Our mattress bag has a good sealing performance so that it greatly ensures that the compressed mattress does not leak, which perfectly reduces its volume and perfectly saves the space occupied by the mattress and reduces the transportation cost. We also offer the bag that not only fixes the mattress but also is more convenient to use. The mattress has great waterproof and dustproof properties.

At the same time, the bag is very transparent and can be used for the outer packaging of various sizes of mattresses for ideally enhancing the mattress appearance. CHILI strives to offer you the best mattress packaging solution with our mattress bags.

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