Mission: Offer competitive packaging for mattress companies.

Mission statement: Create profits for customers.

For employees: Serve as a good platform for rapid growth and progress of employees.

For society: Contribute to the national market influence.

Vision: To become the world's leading supplier of mattress packaging machinery and a famous brand.

Values: Win-win cooperation, diligence, openness, improvement, teamwork.


Foshan City Naigu Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 2009.

We continue to work on the production and R&D of mattress machinery including mattress packaging, compression and roll packaging machinery, as well as film products such as PE and PVC plastic films, printed films, and PE bags.

The company has become one of the most professional and famous companies in the mattress machinery and packaging industry. Our brand NAIGU has gradually expanded our influence in the domestic and foreign markets.

April 2009

NAIGU Film Packaging Factory was established in Longjiang, Shunde, mainly producing sofa and PE packaging film. The sales department was formally established and implemented an online business mode for the export business.

In 2010

We started to produce and sell sofa bags, as well as mattress packaging films and mattress compressors.

In 2011

We participated in the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair.

In 2012

A new business team was set up.

We participated in the Longjiang International Furniture Fair.

In 2013

The plant was expanded to 8,000 square meters and registered as Chili Industrial Co., Ltd.

Our factory building area expanded from 1,000 square meters to 8,000 square meters.

We registered as Chili Industrial Co., Ltd. and used it as the company's brand name.

We began to implement the independent operation of domestic and foreign trade and continuously expanded our business team. We also provided internal training opportunities for employees.

The company provided outdoor development training and various benefits for employees who participate in it.

We held the first quarter summary meeting.

In 2014

Our production system was improved and the automatic mattress packing machine was developed.

Our automatic mattress packaging machine was updated.

We developed a new conference system.

We held the first annual general meeting of shareholders.

We conducted internal training on product knowledge and sales skills.

In 2015

We conducted commercial promotion activities in various places including Shanghai. The annual sales volume exceeded 30 million.

The promotion department was formally established.

We participated in the exhibitions in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Our annual sales exceeded 30 million.

We provided the entire factory with the opportunity to go out for special training.

In 2016

Our factory was expanded to cover 18,000 square meters.

NAIGU film Material Factory was renamed as NAIGU Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

We participated in exhibitions of Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shanghai and participated in an exhibition of Indian for the first time.

We developed automatic mattresses, three-sided seals, compression rolls, folding and folding machines.

In 2017

We developed the automatic adjustable mattress coiling machine

We introduced the automatic film casting machine.

Foshan Chili Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. changed its name to Foshan Chili Technology Co., Ltd.

We obtained the cooperation contract of the Guangdong Provincial Government in 2016.

We obtained the high-tech enterprise certification.

Our plant was expanded to 28,000 square meters.

We set up a direct flagship store in our first factory in Shunde.

We participated in the Cologne Exhibition, Chengdu Furniture Fair, Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition and Shanghai Exhibition.


TEL.: 86-757-23638766

FAX.: 86-757-23371766

WHATSAPP: 86-13924935577

ADD.: 282-8, Longjiang Section, 325 National Highway, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong(opposite to Renren Hotel)


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