The high-performance architectural film designed and manufactured by CHILI blocks more than 99% of the UV rays, greatly reducing the exposure of objects inside the building to ultraviolet light, prolonging its service life, delaying the fading of home decorations, furniture, carpets, antique paintings and calligraphy. It is also commonly used to store and protect air conditioners and fans, keeping them clean as new as they are bought.

The film is known for its high strength and high toughness, so it is not easily torn and broken and can provide maximum protection for the items in the building. It provides excellent protection against sharp objects, dirt, dust, moisture and debris. It is not only used extensively to move or store items but also used in the coating.

The film can also be used to enhance the strength of the glass, prevent debris from splashing when the glass breaks, and protect pedestrians and family members on the roadside from injury. This type of film is also applied to doors and windows to prevent thieves from invading. The film can greatly help our customers reduce the maintenance and installation costs with its easy manufacturing process and long service life.

CHILI can offer different sizes of architectural film sizes depending on the size of customers’ furniture.

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