CHILI’s main agricultural film is a cover film and film used to cover the greenhouse. It is widely used in agricultural production and plays an important role in moisturizing and heat preservation during sowing.

With our constant advancement in science and technology, the demand for our agricultural film is getting higher and higher. Our film is an emerging agricultural plastic film. Through introducing advanced film machines into the production process, our film is highly resistant to aging and easy to recycle. We also add anti-aging agents during the production process to extend the life of the film by two to four times. After the film is used, the film still has a certain strength and can be used after it is recycled, which not only reduces the cost but also reduces the amount of residual film on the filed.

The application of our films in agriculture helps to increase efficiency and crop productivity. This is why many customers have chosen to cooperate with CHILI in the past. With the help of our film, growers can ensure and significantly increase yield per hectare while improving crop quality. Even in the presence of high UV radiation and agrochemicals, the durability of the film can be guaranteed.

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