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adjustable mattress packaging machine supplier for cut film

adjustable mattress packaging machine supplier for cut film

Adjustable mattress packaging machine supplier for cut film

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Table parameter

Semi-automatic mattress packaging machine




Sealing power


Number of air cylinder


Machine length


Sealing length


Sealing width




Net weight




product details
  • (1)    semi automatic mattress packing machine lifting distance can adjustable.

  • (2)    semi automatic mattress packing machine can seal and cut the PVC film ,PE FILM ,PP film or non-woven or bag etc.

  • (3)    semi automatic mattress packing machine Packing and sealing tight.

  • (4)    The worktable can adjustable automatic Save time and effort, high efficiency.

  • (5)    semi automatic mattress packing machine various kinds of materials packing ,like PE film and PVC film ,PP film ,vacuum bag and so on.

  • (6)    semi automatic mattress packing machine Selling tight(the sealing can't open when transportation ),dustproof ,waterproof and Anti dirty.

  • (7)    semi automatic mattress packing machine easy to operation ,and with high efficiency This machine adopts heat sealing principle to seal different materials,it had turning working table to seal the different sides of the mattress

  • (8)    mattress packing machine has high cost performance, small footprint, fast shipment, and beautiful packaging mattress effect

  • (9)    we can supply mattress packing film to packing mattress,reduce waste source 间we擦拭大距



(1) The sealing machine have an air leakage, what’s the reason and how to deal with it?

❂  ①First, check where has an air leakage, it’s normal if it is a little.
②Jack, joint not tightened, and handle well.
③Check the filter, maybe some water in it.
④Somewhere of the trachea is touched by accident

(2) Can your film packing machine use any of the plastic film?

❂  26C can use both PVC and PE film for packaging, but 51M can only use PE film.

(3) The sealing is not firm,cannot pack the mattress well.  

❂  The air pressure schedule is too low (usually 3-4); air pressure is not enough (connect to be 170V, if it’s not enough also , to be 220V)

(4) What’s the efficiency of packing? And how about the delivery time?

❂  26C can pack 300-350 pcs mattress per day, and the delivery time is about 15 workdays.
51M ,when use it alone, it can pack about 750 pcs per day, when it connect with the production line, it can pack about 900 pcs per day. The delivery time is about 50-60 workdays.

(5) What’s the min. and max.size of the 51M machine can pack ?

❂  Length:180-210cm, Width: 80-220cm, Height: 10-45cm

(6) What’s the size of mattress can pack? Except the mattress, can it use for sofa? And what else can this machine do?

❂  It can use for any size and any thickness of the mattress, the height of sealing part is adjustable. Except for packing mattress, it also can pack the sofa , and else, it use for sealing to make the bags.

Application field
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The whole production of NAIGU mattress wrap is completed by a team of experienced professionals who know clearly how to make lean production. Its modern and economical design adds value to the kitchen
mattress packaging machine offers exceptional performance to meet the evolving application needs of markets. The product is non-slip with great friction on its surface
NAIGU mattress packaging machine is constructed applying high-end technology and using the finest materials. It is definitely an excellent gift for home bakers
NAIGU mattress packaging machine is made of high quality and durable raw materials which have been well selected before entering into the factory. Its evenly baked surface protects the food from being burned and under-baked
The raw materials of NAIGU mattress packaging machine are selected by our team of professionals who have visited dozens of raw material suppliers and analyzed the data through high-intensity test experiments. It is free of odor and nonpoisonous
This product is non-toxic and odor-free. Chemicals that could harm people and the environment are always avoided in its production. It is free of discoloration after used under high temperature
This product features the desired versatility. During the production stage, each individual part is manufactured to meet the motion of walking. It needs no more extra oil and grease
The product does not have shading variation. The workmanship is guaranteed by the same color of fabrics and by no shortcuts during cutting and bundling. Heat conduction is quick to ensure its thermal efficiency
The product is not likely to wrinkle. It has been processed with an anti-crease finishing agent to increase the fibers' elasticity and crease recovery performance. It will not retain any odor or flavor after cleaning
The product features high quality. It does not have the obvious color difference, black spots, or scratches, and its surface is flat and smooth. Heat conduction is quick to ensure its thermal efficiency
FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD highly values efficiency and will promise on-time delivery for our customers. It is well-known for its thermal insulation
All over the years, FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD provides customer with the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service. The product is non-slip with great friction on its surface
Before our loading for mattress wrap, we will hold a comprehensive checking again to ensure quality. Heat conduction is quick to ensure its thermal efficiency
Service is the main soft power for FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD. It is environmental-friendly enough to save the cost on baking paper
NAIGU's mattress packaging machine is one of the hottest mattress packaging machine in China. The product features wonderful versatility in baking
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