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adjustable mattress bagging machine online for non-woven

adjustable mattress bagging machine online for non-woven

Adjustable mattress bagging machine online for non-woven

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Guangdong, China
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Company Advantages
1. NAIGU mattress bagging machine is manufactured with superior parts. The steel, carefully selected and processed, is up to the food sanitary requirements, and its quality is guaranteed by third-party inspection authorities. PE film production machinery adopts an advanced three-layer co-extrusion blowing film machinery
2. To ensure that the mattress bagging machine's quality, NAIGU has put large investment to meet customer requirements. The characteristics of the calendared film are high strength, good transparency, heat and aging resistance
3. This product can be rapidly loaded and deployed. Its lightweight and compact design is exclusively created for easy and quick erection. Due to the performance of environmental protection, there is no odor of PE film production machinery
4. The drying temperature of this product is free to adjust. Unlike the traditional dehydrating methods that are unable to change the temperature freely, it is equipped with a thermostat to achieve optimized drying effect. PE film can be recycled
Table parameter

Mattress Width


Mattress Length


Mattress Height


packing speed


PE film width


Air pressure



AC380V 50HZ







product details
  • (1)   Thanks to complete servo system, much faster running compared to its fellows.

  • (2)    Motion-PLC Controlled

  • (3)    Mattresses sizes definition by Encoder System

  • (4)    Pneumatic crushing vacuum system

  • (5)    Plastic roll feeding from Up & Down

  • (6)    Automatic wrapping without labor

  • (7)    Able to work synchronized with your firm’s existing conveyor system

  • (8)    Optional, PC- Bed register and barcoding system ( Data analysis; Operator efficiency, Unit working time, etc. )

  • (9)    Operation Centers are able to change optionally

  • (10)    Short time operator education thanks to easy installation and user-friendly software

  • (11)    Automatic Software Update system which is designed by our engineers according to customer desires

  • (12)    Problem solving in time with the written error warning and solution methods pages

  • (13)    Problem solving, and education opportunity with the remote controlled computer and electronic hardware systems by our engineers


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(1) The sealing machine have an air leakage, what’s the reason and how to deal with it?

❂  ①First, check where has an air leakage, it’s normal if it is a little.
②Jack, joint not tightened, and handle well.
③Check the filter, maybe some water in it.
④Somewhere of the trachea is touched by accident

(2) Can your film packing machine use any of the plastic film?

❂  26C can use both PVC and PE film for packaging, but 51M can only use PE film.

(3) The sealing is not firm,cannot pack the mattress well.  

❂  The air pressure schedule is too low (usually 3-4); air pressure is not enough (connect to be 170V, if it’s not enough also , to be 220V)

(4) What’s the efficiency of packing? And how about the delivery time?

❂  26C can pack 300-350 pcs mattress per day, and the delivery time is about 15 workdays.
51M ,when use it alone, it can pack about 750 pcs per day, when it connect with the production line, it can pack about 900 pcs per day. The delivery time is about 50-60 workdays.

(5) What’s the min. and max.size of the 51M machine can pack ?

❂  Length:180-210cm, Width: 80-220cm, Height: 10-45cm

(6) What’s the size of mattress can pack? Except the mattress, can it use for sofa? And what else can this machine do?

❂  It can use for any size and any thickness of the mattress, the height of sealing part is adjustable. Except for packing mattress, it also can pack the sofa , and else, it use for sealing to make the bags.

Application field
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Company Features
1. Committed to the manufacture of mattress bagging machine, FOSHAN CITY NAIGU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD is choose as many companies stable supplier. We own a highly professional QC team in our manufacturing factory. They utilize various kinds of testing devices to ensure the highest level of product and comply fully with industry guidelines.
2. The factory has introduced advanced sophisticated production facilities and testing equipment. This commonly contributes to higher production rates, more efficient use of materials, and increased productivity.
3. Our factory is located close to the airport and the harbor. This advantageous traffic condition greatly guarantees the smooth supply of raw materials and quick delivery of our finished products. We integrate sustainability fully into our business and working with others to tackle impacts, transform our industry and create lasting value.
Quality inspections and tests of NAIGU mattress packing will be carried out by the QC team. It will be scrutinized for different aspects, including bending, impact, compression, hardness, aging, and abrasion resistance performance. It comes with easy maintenance and cleaning
The components and parts of NAIGU mattress bagging machine are sophisticatedly manufactured. The manufacturing processes include normal mechanical machining, special processing, and thermal treating. The product has the function of shock absorption
Material is one of the important factors in the production of NAIGU mattress bagging machine. They are required to have such properties as mechanical properties. It has a flame retardant property, ensuring the safety to a large extent
Various machining methods are adopted in the production of NAIGU mattress packing. They are mainly lathe work, drilling process, cutting process, abrasive machining, CNC machining, and hone machining. The product is not easy to warp or chip
NAIGU mattress packing is scientifically designed. Its design incorporates a variety of technologies that take into account operator safety, machine efficiency, and operating costs. It can stand up to all climates and conditions
Quality-focused: the product is a result of pursuing high quality. It is strictly inspected under the QC team who has the full right to take charge of the quality of the product. The product has got the official approval of FIBA
This product is the first choice of our customers, with long service life and practicality. The product has the function of shock absorption
Strict quality inspection procedures throughout the production process must be of superior quality and performance. The product has the function of sound absorption
The quality of the product is guaranteed by our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology. Its quality has passed the strict test and is examined frequently. Thus its quality has been widely accepted by the users. The product is well-known for its quick-drying performance
Product quality meets the requirements of international quality standards. Designed with a self-drainage system, it won't result in puddles
In this fast changing society, a fast delivery time is necessary for NAIGU to keep efficient. The product has the function of sound absorption
The crafts of mattress packing is exquisite which also ensures the high quality. Its tailor-made structure offers correct friction
Comprehensive sales network makes the mattress packing shopping experience more convenient. The product is also ideal on worn asphalt or cracking concrete
The reliability of mattress packing is trusted by many clients. The product is characterized by high bearing capacity
By adopting advanced technology, the quality of mattress packing can be assured. It has excellent moisture resistance, which can prevent water damage
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