We are dedicated to the manufacturing of mattress packaging for many years. 


We have an excellent R&D and manufacturing team that have developed the hot-selling mattress automatic compressors, foam automatic compressors, 

automatic mattress wrapping machines, automatic mattress film packaging machines, and automatic bag making machines (point-off type), etc.



Professionalism is what we pursue.

We have many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of mattress packaging products.
We have an excellent R&D team that developed a hot-selling mattress automatic compressor.
We offer packaging solutions with the NG branded mattress packaging machines and packaging films.
We provide our employees with a variety of professional skills and quality control knowledge training and staff consultation at our professional training business school.
We have a professional after-sales team to provide technical guidance to our customers.
We offer a wide range of mattress packaging products, from inner packaging to outer packaging products.
Our PE film production system is equipped with an advanced three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine.
We have a fully automatic PVC film production line with high production efficiency and monthly output of 3,000 tons.
We have advanced and large imported four-color printing machines, copper-plate rolling printing machines with a maximum width of 2.5 meters.
Our machines do create profits for our customers.


We are committed to the manufacturing of mattress packaging for years.

              Professionalism is what we pursue.

The cooling water must be circulated during the operation of the diffusion pump. We can only stop the cooling water cycle until the pump oil is completely cooled When the pump is not working, we should keep the pump body in a vacuum to ensure that the air pumped by the oil is dry, non-corrosive and dust-free. Keep the pump under vacuum to protect the pump oil and pump components from corrosion. And clean all the water in the cooling water jacket. Keep room temperature at 10-40 ° C. If the pump suddenly goes bad, we should check the heater first. It is worth mentioning that the pump is checked regularly. a. If the pump oil is reduced or oxidized, add oil or replace the oil accordingly. b. The pump body and the collapsed part should be cleaned with aviation gasoline, then wiped with a wire cloth with ether or acetone on it, and finally dried at 80-100 ° C or dried with a hairdryer. c. Install all parts step by step, hold the pump core and pump base vertically and maintain the same core as the pump chamber
In this world, everything has a process of development. For example, the world's first computer called ENIAC weighs 27 tons and covers an area of 150 square meters, which is larger than a room. Now, there are walking notebooks everywhere; now many mattress compressors of our company are developing. The mattress compressor adopts vacuum compression packaging and electronic control system to ensure different types of rapid compression without affecting the mattress condition. The moderate thickness of our mattress can greatly improve the transportation space and improve transportation efficiency, thus reducing the transportation and storage costs.
PVC film is not an environmentally friendly material. It is toxic and odorous and can be affected by weather and viscosity. PE film is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, weather-proof, and recyclable.



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