We have an excellent R&D and manufacturing team, developed the hot sells mattress automatic compressors, Foam automatic compressors,

automatic mattress wrapping machines, automatic mattress film packaging machines, and automatic bag making machines (point-off type ) And other machinery.



Professional focuses on achievement.

We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of mattress packaging for many years.
We have an excellent R&D and manufacturing team, developed the hot sells mattress automatic compressors...
Our outstanding team, NG brand mattress packing machine and packing film...
We have a professional training business school for staff to carry out various professional skills and quality training and counseling for employees.
We have a professional after-sales team to provide technical guidance to customers...
We provide various types of mattress packaging products, from inner packaging to outer packaging...
Our PE film production machinery adopts an advanced three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine.
We have a fully automated PVC film production line with efficient production and monthly production of 3,000 tons.
We have advanced large-scale imported four-color printing machine, copper plate roll printing, max width is 2.5 meters...
Our machinery really creates profits for our customers.


We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of mattress packaging for many years.

Professional focuses on achievement.

Oil Diffusion Pump Fault Treatment
(Created originally by Foxin Vacuum, please indicate source if reprint.)

Cooling water must be circulating during diffusion pump working. We can only stop cooling water circulation until pump oil is totally cooled When pump is not working, we should keep pump body under vacuum state to avoid influence on pump oil Pumped air should be dry, no corrosion and no dust Keep pump under vacuum state to protect pump oil and pump parts from corrosion when pump is free. And clean all water from cooling water jacket. Keeping place room temperature should be 10-40℃ We should check heaters first if pump gets bad suddenly.Inspect pump regularly a.Pump oil is reduced or oxidized and add oil or change oil accordingly. b.Pump parts and pump body should be used aviation gasoline to clean, then use silk cloth to dip aether or acetone to wipe, finally put under 80-100℃ temperature or use blow drier to dry c.Install all parts step by step, keep pump core and pump base vertically and the same core as pump cavity. Each grade nozzle gap should be adjusted as original requirement

Development of the mattress compressor

In this world, every thing, every thing, and every life has a course of development. For example, the world’s first computer called ENIAC, weighing twenty-seven tons, covers an area of one hundred and fifty square meters, is bigger than a room; and now, a walking notebook everywhere; now our company many mattress compressor machine in the course of development of the.Mattress compression machinery using vacuum compression packing, electronic control system of professional, to ensure the rapid compression of different types without compromising mattress conditions, the thickness of the mattress, can greatly save transportation space, improve transport efficiency, so as to achieve to reduce the cost of transportation and storage of the deposit to.

What materials do you have? And what's the difference between them?   We have PVC film, PE film

PVC film is not environment-friendly material, toxic and odorous, weather affected and sticky.
PE film is environment-friendly material, non-toxic, odorless, Not affected by the weather, can be recycled


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